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Battleships Puzzle

Rules: place a fleet of ten ships in the grid. There is one ship of length 4 that occupies four continuous squares in either a horizontal or vertical direction in the grid. There are two ships of length 3, three of length 2 and four of length 1. All ships are surrounded by water on all sides, including diagonally. Some ship and water segments may be placed in the start grid. Numbers around the outside tell you how many ship segments are placed in that row/column of the grid. All puzzles have a unique solution.

How to use the player: simple click on a square with the mouse to colour it in as a ship segment in dark grey. You can drag the mouse to colour multiple squares at once, or click on a coloured square to blank it again. Use the right button on the mouse to mark a square as water (which turns it blue). You don't need to mark in all water to solve the puzzle, but you do need to mark in all the ship segments. Good luck! There are 100 battleships to play on site.


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