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How To Play Hanjie

A Hanjie puzzle is a blank grid, of varying size, for instance nine rows by nine columns.

At the right hand side and bottom of each puzzle are a set of numbers. These numbers dictate how many cells in that row or column must be coloured in, working from left to right or top to bottom, as appropriate.

Thus, if at the bottom of a column there is the number 4, it means 4 cells in that column - no more, no less - must be coloured in. If at the right hand edge of a row you see 1, 2, 3 that means that there are three discrete sets of cells that must be coloured in. A comma means there is at least one blank square between each set of coloured squares, though there could be more than one square. Thus with 1, 2, 3 there must be at least 8 cells in the row (3+2+1 = 6 + 1{first comma} + 1{second comma} = 8)

All you need to play the puzzle is the grid and the clues. Then using logic alone, you can deduce which cells in each appropriate row and column must be coloured in. This may be immediately obvious, or may need to be deduced by a combination of cross-referencing the different columns and rows where they intersect, and through elimination.

For strategy hints, view our Hanjie Strategy page.

Using our online Hanjie player is simple. Each grid will start with cells coloured pale yellow. If you think a cell should be coloured in, then hit space. This will turn it black to indicate it is selected. If you change your mind, simply press space again in that cell and it will go yellow again.

Similarly, if you know that a cell cannot be coloured in, then this is also useful to mark. You can mark this by pressing 'X' with your chosen cell selected - this will mark it red. Again if you change your mind, simply press 'X' again and it will turn neutral yellow again.

If you go horribly wrong, you can click 'Reset Grid' to start again. If you get fed up, click 'Show Solution' to reveal the answer.

If you think you have finished the puzzle, or to check how far from the solution you are, click 'See if you got it right'... this will tell you how many cells are not correctly marked, and of course congratulate you on successful completion of the puzzle!

Hanjie Grid

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